Breast Cancer, Divine Intervention and new Friends...   |   Thursday, July 15, 2010

The most AMAZING thing happened yesterday, that it actually made me laugh out loud...Some people call this coincidence, I see it as God's hand on this project.
I read about a new program that the American Cancer Society was doing for women who were undergoing cancer treatments... to pamper them and help them learn to be their most beautiful, while bald. A "perfect match" I thought for "Be Bold, Feel Beautiful", I immediately tried to reach someone with the number in the paper. Turns out, it was just the person 'hosting' the event, not organizing. She referred me to someone else, where I left several messages with no response. I finally, just this week, sent a long email to the Cancer Society, telling them who I was and what I wanted (just to leave our marketing postcards at their events). Received a long form letter back with basically an application to partner with them... lots of red tape, etc. SO, I decided to just give up on this opportunity.
I also have been needed some additional furniture for the new studio space, so had been searching Craig's list for chairs. Found a lovely chair yesterday and called to arrange to see it and pick it up late yesterday. As I carried the chair out to the car, I told the young woman that it was going to a good home and what we did there. I asked if she knew any bald women going through treatment.... she replied, "Well, up until last week, I worked at the American Cancer Society." I immediately said, "I've been trying to reach a woman there named Lauren for the past several weeks and haven't gotten a response. Do you know her?" She looked at me dumbfounded and said, "I'M LAUREN." I almost laughed out loud. The very person I'd been trying to reach for the past almost month, was standing right in front of me!! And all because of a random chair that I'd picked out on Craig's List!!! She explained that over the past several weeks, things were in disarray, I must have gotten lost in the shuffle of her leaving her job and the new person coming in to replace her. She immediately gave me the name and email of the person who replaced her and said she'd call to introduce me ahead of time! WOW, doesn't God work in mysterious ways?? This is the most bizarre circumstance I've EVER experienced!! How about you?? Do you have one of these stories??
My point today is that you never know how Divine forces are working in and on your behalf.... I KNOW that my God is blessing this endeavor. I just have to remain diligent in watching and obeying. Tell me your stories.... I'd love to hear about God working in other's lives!

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