Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, awareness....   |   Friday, July 16, 2010

Jocelyn inspired me with such positive thoughts as we talked throughout her session... Positive talk was her mantra as she went from the day of diagnosis through chemo, which just finished a few short weeks ago. How different our lives would be if WE, who aren't going through such a devastating disease and treatment, would think more positively? How different life would look if we looked for the positive things in each day and how much differently people would treat each other if we looked for the positive in others?
She CHOSE to verbalize the positive things in her life.... her husband, her children and her grandchildren, and talked through fighting for them. She refused to be a victim and to let this immobilize her and her thoughts.
Oh, how different life would be if more people chose to NOT be victims, but to stand up, be bold and be brave. Just look at how that inner beauty shines through in her lovely face!



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