Determination... through the fire.   |   Monday, July 26, 2010

Everyone has something that motivates them. Everyone has someone that inspires them. Everyone needs something to help them through tough times...
Denise W. made a conscious decision to keep moving through her cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy. She knew if she didn't keep moving, the cancer would get the better of her, so she got out her walking shoes and started walking.... she continues to walk to feel better during this tough time. It's one of the things that has gotten her out, kept her mobile and has taken her mind off what's going on...
We all need something or someone to help us in difficult times. What is it for you? I'm hearing all sorts of stories from these women about the people and the things that help them through this... I'd love to hear what you rely on when times get rough?
She's an amazingly positive and upbeat woman who isn't letting cancer get her down... as she continues to put more miles on those shoes! Keep it up Denise!

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