Enduring friendships...   |   Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm so blessed to have so many wonderful friends... no, not just friends, more like sisters.. kindred spirits that love me unconditionally, love me without reserve or judgement, and love me more than family. And these are two women like that... a friendship develops over the years, sharing hearts, dreams and hurts.... and then before you know it, you begin to think alike, hurt for each other and love without question. When one is sick and hurting, the other feels for her. I was honored to be part of this special relationship and be able to capture just a bit of this for history. Someday, Sydney will see just how dedicated a friend her mother was. I KNOW that should a similar fate befall me, I'll have people in my life that will be here to hold me, encourage me and love me through the tough parts. Is there someone in your life today that you need to call or reach out to? Is there someone that needs you today?

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