An exciting day ahead....   |   Thursday, July 8, 2010

After yesterday's publicity.... announcements on two TV stations and a radio interview, I received a call from a writer from the Lansing State Journal and she wanted to set up an appointment for as soon as possible to put together a story about 'Be Bold, Feel Beautiful', so, we are meeting at the EL Studio today! Not sure what kind of story, but anything that can promote this project and get the word out is worth it. I want to reach as many women as quickly as possible to get this project underway.... a couple of inquiries came into the website last night, so we're moving...slow, but sure. If you know any woman who is currently undergoing ANY cancer treatment, please let her know that we exist.
There are so many women in our midst who are struggling with cancer, their self image and the loss of their hair! Face it, we women are all about our hair! But, I want women to know that despite the loss, they are amazingly beautiful and shouldn't be afraid to show it off! It will only encourage and bring others out from under their wigs and scarves! I'll create emotional and moving images of them to showcase their particular beauty!



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