It's all about ATTITUDE...   |   Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I've been reading a book that a friend wrote and am daily dumbstruck at what the human spirit can endure. Currently in the book she is afflicted with a crippling physical illness, has endured the tragic deaths of two of her beloved caregivers, begins to see the effects of a debilitating neurological disease and somehow, someway, she continues to find something positive to keep her moving forward. Knowing her now, some 20 years after this chapter of the book took place, she's still here, successful, mobile and remains positive... still, in the midst of continued physical challenges, finds something each day that's good to focus on and continues to have a sense of humor. Oh how I wish I had more of that!
I see these women come to the studio each day, motivated by nothing but helping a fellow woman who is going through the same battle. They remain positive, cheerful and encouraging. They don't have any idea of how much they impart to me through their attitudes, their laughs and determination. Is there something about women, banding together when things get tough to help each other not only fight, but survive and come out better on the other side. Is this a female phenomenon?
I look forward to this week.... another 8 brave women are scheduled to come in and show off their bald heads... different cancers, different ages, different shapes... but I'm sure there will be one thread in common. Attitude.

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