A new logo... a fresh look for Be Bold, Feel Beautiful!   |   Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things are moving along with the project and we received a half dozen calls yesterday... after the article in the Lansing State Journal! So exciting!! I want to stress that these women we photograph can have ANY kind of cancer... that was a little confusing in the article. We'll photograph ANY woman who is bald and undergoing cancer treatment!
Our new logo associated with the Be Bold, Feel Beautiful campaign has been in process since before the launch... we've just been refining it and working with Rizzi Designs to get the right feel for the mission. We want to empower women, make them feel BOLD, BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL... and we believe this image is of a bold, brave and victorious woman. Let us know what you think!
Today is going to be a difficult day... I'm photographing a woman again with her best friend. Denise A., our first brave woman to be photographed is coming back in today with her best friend Holly. Images of the two of them together will be moving... and mean so much to the two of them. We encourage you to bring your spouse, partner or significant other to be photographed. Bring something that's special to you or 'part' of you... are you a musician? An artist? A cook? Bring something that illustrates who and what you are when you're not fighting cancer.... we'll use it in some of your images. A guitar? A cookbook? A Bible?
MAKE it a great day. YOU have the CHOICE to be a warrior or a victim.

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