Boldness, gaining momentum!   |   Saturday, August 7, 2010

I thought I'd use today's Blog post to update our readers about what's happening with the project and to help those just joining us, understand what we're about, what we're doing and what we hope to accomplish!
For the first time readers, "Be Bold, Feel Beautiful" was launched to bring a visual awareness of cancer in women in our community. I wanted the people in our community to see the women who are suffering from various cancers, undergoing treatment and what that looks like. Cancer is a scary thing... and I want women to be less afraid of the process, less afraid of hearing the "C" word, less afraid of the treatment. If they can see how beautiful and empowered these women are, they might be a little less scared to go get that mammogram, or a little less afraid to hear the word chemotherapy and a lot more BOLD about who they are as women. I want to make women Bold, Brave and to feel Beautiful.
We have several businesses and retailers in town helping us to bless these women with goodies. Wheat Jewelers will be donating a gorgeous "United Heart" necklace to one lucky woman. Petra Azar, designer of the necklace and a breast cancer survivor herself, has donated some additional "United Heart" jewelry sets to be given away at the end of this project. Creative Wellness, has donated a couple of Spa packages that we'll draw names for and Here You Go Audio books has donated free one month memberships for those currently undergoing chemo, so that they can listen to audio books while at treatment each week. We are in talks with several others to partner with for our annual fundraising Gala to honor these women at a big party. If you'd like to partner in some way, please contact me at the numbers below.
Our Bold and Beautiful woman of the day is Karla M. She is on the other side of chemo and has the cutest little bit of hair coming back. Karla came all the way from Grand Haven, MI to be part of this project. She has amazing energy and lit up the studio with her smile and her eyes. She has gained an appreciation of the "little things" in life, saying, "I'm so lucky... there will be no whining." She also said she's looking at life with different eyes... noticing the things she never 'saw' before... appreciating the sunshine, the wind in the trees and the smells of life.
I want to be like Karla... God, help me to appreciate the little things. I want to get the most from each and every day. I want to see the good in things. I want to see my glass as 'half full.' My goal each day is to not whine.... I have nothing to whine about.
Are you content with what you have? Are you?

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Blogger Lynne said...

Thank- you for this wonderful project and gorgeous photo of Karla!
I have a lot to learn from this truly beautiful woman. She is strong, smart, sensitive (and let's not forget sexy!) She carries love and laughter in her pocket at all times and is quick to share these gifts with any and all who need a lift. If you were to look up the word "compassion" in the dictionary I'm pretty certain that it would say "Karla M." as she is the sort of person who cares more about the pain others carry than her own battles. I am proud to call her "sister and friend".

August 7, 2010 at 3:14 PM  
Anonymous Jan said...

Wonderful bold and beautiful Woman of the Day choice! Proud to call Karla friend and sister!
Wonderful blog and great idea!

August 7, 2010 at 5:05 PM  
Anonymous Phylis Hyland said...

Karla makes everybody smile, she's funny & witty even thru her Chemo she tried to stay positive. As a fellow Breast Cancer survivor I was able to share some of my warm winter hats with her. My sister & I convinced her to dump the wig and show her new hair growing back she was beautiful without the wig!!!

August 8, 2010 at 9:50 PM  

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