Communicating with love....   |   Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm celebrating today as our numbers of hits on this blog site have exceeded 6000! We've grown exponentially, each day, now gaining between 300-500 hits! This is truly amazing and hopefully, will gain us the exposure to be able to reach our goal of making 200 women feel so Bold, so empowered and so Beautiful!! Thank you all so much for spreading the word about this site and these AMAZING women!! Let's keep it going. Share this with anyone you know.... they themselves might not be battling cancer, but THEY may know or work with someone who is! You never know who will cross your path each day, that might be secretly battling this horrible disease.

This bold, brave and beautiful woman communicates with more than her words... growing up with a deaf mother, Lorraine A. learned to sign at at early age and still continues to assist others in communicating by signing for others. Ironically, her mother also was afflicted with breast cancer.... Lorraine remembers her now deceased Mother, with tears in her eyes. Her Mom, who lost her hearing after spinal meningitis at 11 months old, and who also lost her own mother shortly after at age one, overcame all these obstacles to become a loving, active and communicative mother of 4 hearing children. Imagine never hearing the precious voices of your children, or hearing them say, "I love you Mom." Obviously a lot of love for her Mom and her courageous life's battles are contained in those tears. It's apparent that Lorraine has gleaned much of her courage and attitude from this mother who fought back against serious challenges. She tells me, 'I take each day as a gift, I try to enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow. I'm trying to enjoy each day to the fullest." She also talks about two other close friends who have already tramped through the journey of cancer and have come out the other side... who encourage her and are now helping her through her journey. The support of someone who has already gone through the fire is immeasurable. "They keep me positive." I suspect that memories of her mother keep her positive too....and daily give her the courage to make the most of every day, even though you might not 'hear' positive things, even though it might be difficult, even though she 'sees' a different body. As fire tempers metal, so the event's of our lives, temper us and make us stronger.

Have the courage to reach out to others around you. Really "HEAR" what they have to say. And for those of you on the other side of the battle.... reach out to someone coming behind you. They will appreciate the wisdom you might be able to share with them... or at least a shoulder to cry on.

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