Courage under fire...   |   Thursday, August 5, 2010

For me personally, being faced with adversity initially breeds anger and sometimes self-pity, when it should breed something far different. I should be looking at adversity with eyes of opportunity, creativity, ingenuity and determination....and lots of faith.
Everyday, the lives of the women I photograph are being changed... they are facing the worst adversity known to man. Facing death. Right straight in the face. And what do I see in them? Courage, determination, gratefulness, humor, empowerment and a strengthening of their faith. They show me what LIVING is all about. They show me how important family is. They show me an unfathomable inner beauty and strength. They inspire me to higher levels of gratitude. They push me closer to my God. I only hope I can offer them a morsel of something while we're together. I hope to brighten their day just a bit and make them smile... even when they're under fire.

Today's beauty is Gay H.... she says, "Dealing with two primary cancers has been both mentally and physically exhausting. Trying to live as 'normally' as possible and stay active even through the times when I have been ill or tired has been a challenge, but my emotional support of course has been my family and friends". And after our talk, she adds, "It's not like I have a choice."

Do we realize just how much encouragement and support we are to those around us? Take a moment today to call or contact someone who needs a bit of emotional support! They need it more than you do!

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