"I'm not Brave...."   |   Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Julie E. came in with her sister, who is an 8 year cancer survivor. Julie is just on the other side of her cancer treatment and has a telling story of an unusual discovery, quick treatment and a good prognosis. We had a great time in the studio, sharing laughter, tears and our feelings of loss and making lemonade out of lemons. Their images reflect courage and the love of sisters. As they were leaving, I said, "Thank you for being so Brave", and they replied, "It's not about bravery, it's about the will to live. You're just scared to death and you just want to live." WOW. There is a statement.... As a nurse for 23 years, I saw that very thing many, many times... just the sheer will to live, the determination and motivation to fight and the willingness to do anything necessary to live. I KNOW that the human will can accomplish a lot. For these two women, this cancer connection will forever bond them in a way we will never understand. They together understand loss, loss of body parts, loss of hair and loss of control, BUT, they also will understand the determination, strength and support that can be mustered from deep inside to accomplish anything they want. They together will survive anything!

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