Making lemonade when given lemons....   |   Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sometimes you're just dealt a crappy hand of cards and sometimes you're given a bunch of lemons, when you least expect it or deserve it. Stuff happens. BUT, how you play those cards or what you do with that produce, makes all the difference. You can just fold, sit out the hand or loose your shirt if you play foolishly... you can walk around with a sour attitude, blaming everyone and everything around you.... OR, you can make lemonade!

Meet good friends, Angie T. and Jennifer M. Buddies with cancer, opposite sides, but far from opposite attitudes. These women rocked the studio with laugher, joy and peace! Jennifer, a health care professional found her lump doing self-exams... she's a HUGE promoter of women doing exams... "I found this lump myself. Early detection promotes longer life!" She's adamant about women's health. She could be bitter and negative, "doing everything right. I'm healthy, active, ate right..." But she's made lemonade.
"I've learned not to be so hard on myself." And, she can speak from personal insight into the lives of the women in the health programs she develops.

Angie, a mother of two small children, is a woman of prayer and relies heavily on her faith to help her through this... "Prayer is powerful", she says. "You don't have to understand, just believe." The two women are trying to start a women's support group in their church for women who are diagnosed with cancer. "Sharing your weaknesses makes you stronger." They're making lemonade.
They want the atmosphere of the group to be fun and uplifting, silly and accepting. They wanted some 'fun' and 'silly' photos together to use for their brochures. They didn't have to 'pose' for these, they just were having fun and obviously care deeply about each other. They want women to know that they are not alone, that there is support and encouragement from women who have walked in their shoes. There will be other women to walk beside them during their journey...I think they'll do whatever they want and make the group happen... who knows, maybe they'll serve lemonade at their first meeting.

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Blogger CEMA said...

Our God is an amazing God! In the midst of a world that is filled with selfish, self absorbed, shallow, and attitudes of "I am nine feet tall and bullet proof", God continues to rock my world with REAL people! Terri thank you for listening to that "still small voice within" and being obedient even when it is so painful for you. And for all these Bold and Beautiful ladies that are stepping out of their comfort zones, you inspire and encourage me! May God bless you all... -Tom

August 24, 2010 at 8:09 AM  

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