A Mother's Love....   |   Monday, August 2, 2010

As a mother myself, I can't imagine any greater joy in life. From the instant they were conceived, I knew them, loved them and would lay down my life for them. I've only ever wanted the best for them, for them to be successful and most of all, love God and give more than they take. They mean more to me than they will ever understand... or at least until they have children of their own.
Mary H.'s mother is dedicated to her, even as an adult. Do we ever loose the 'motherly' instincts or the 'motherly' tendency to worry? Mary is in the middle of chemo and her Mom is dedicated to caring for her. She even arranged her appointment for her participation in "Be Bold, Feel Beautiful" and encouraged her to come and join the project. A families love and support is so important in survival through any crisis.... her brother even took time from his day to be photographed with her! Her family thought it so important that she feel beautiful about herself, while in the midst of her trial. I hope she does!
I know that should my children have to endure a crisis like this, I'll be there right by their side, fighting with all that I have within me to will them to survive, living on my knees praying for them and using all the resources I have to help them through. Isn't that what Mothers' do?

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