The value of friendship....   |   Friday, August 13, 2010

Friends sometimes come in unexpected ways, from unanticipated circumstances and close encounters of the 'same' kind.

Meet Karla M. and her friend Sally K.... two women, fighting the same battle, diagnosed almost the same time. Their cancer differs a bit in actual type and markers and chemo 'cocktail', but that hasn't changed their mutual focus....
1. Maintaining their sense of humor. 2. Reliance on each other for support. 3. Sharing insights on this new place in life. 4. DECIDING to find that new 'normal' and live life to the fullest.
They are a hoot! We had a great time in the studio and their faces say it all... they are moving through this journey, adapting to what comes along and hoping to find their 'new normal' on the other side. They both say that they'll NEVER be the same because of cancer, but who could. They have found that reliance on each other and middle of the night phone calls have made them who they are now....survivors.
Karla writes, "When I saw my picture on the blog I didn’t recognize myself, you’ve made me see that I’m still “in there” somewhere. Sharon and I had a wonderful time today with you…and we’re both really excited to see our picture!"
They both state that it's still difficult to look in the mirror and 'see' themselves, but they are still there... just a new and improved version!

Thank you so much for your continued support of this project. Please help make this successful by spreading the word, reposting this blog to your family and friends and let's make our goal of 200 women happen! We have a long way to go!!
See you next week! I'm off to enjoy some much needed family time!

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