We are products of our experiences. What are you?   |   Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As I sit to write this morning..... literally feeling like I'm picking up pieces of life and somehow trying to put them back together to build the 'puzzle' of my life, I'm thinking about this project and how it's shaping who I am and what I will become. How many things, events and people will affect who we become? What comments will shape our thoughts of ourself and our self image? Do we mirror positive or negative comments spoken about us, or defy those thoughts and strive for more?

I keep saying that this project is changing forever, who I am. Each of these women impart something that is somehow shaping my future, whether it's their own thoughts about their disease, how they cope with trials or comments about how they feel about their family. I KNOW that my health has become very important. What we generally take for granted, could change in one heartbeat. I KNOW that my family is the center of my universe and will only become more so. I WILL cherish each moment we share together. I KNOW that I will proceed with this project, giving all the skill and tenderness I have to make these women feel absolutely beautiful about themselves. I KNOW that I need to invest my time and heart in those relationships that are important to me. I KNOW that I will only listen to positive self thoughts. I KNOW that I can do anything that I put my mind to.... and it has become a reality in this project. I am EVOLVING into something new, shaped by each of these women.

I got a call from a woman last night, who is so dear to me.... she related that she and her co-workers, all women, read this blog every day and they are changed by it too. They discuss their annual checkup's and the need to be diligent about self-exams. They talk about the women and circumstances and how it relates to their lives. We are accomplishing EXACTLY what I set out to do...make women more aware of their bodies, less afraid of the process of exams and the big "C" word and less afraid to be 'real' with each other. I suspect that there are more people out there who are being changed by the lives of these women who are sharing this intimate journey of cancer and it's treatment. Thank you to those who are being so BOLD and BRAVE!
Keep sharing of yourselves, hug those you love, let the experiences in your life make you a better person, not a bitter person.

* Holly and Denise collaborated on a book over the past few years called, "An Udder Story- The Boob Book and Other Cancer Stories." Holly's 8 year old daughter Sydney did all the illustrations for the stories. Holly had it self-published and managed to get a final copy to Denise the week she died. I'm looking forward to reading it myself. Thus, the photo of them with the cow with the udder. We all had quite a laugh about it and it will always bring a smile to my face.

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