Cancer doesn't discriminate....   |   Friday, September 24, 2010

Cancer is an equal-opportunity killer, it doesn't care about sex, race, religion, or AGE. These are not the "normal" faces of cancer, or what you would think cancer 'looks like'... these are young, beautiful, vibrant young women who have been stopped in their tracks to fight a disease trying to steal some of the best years of their lives. They are 20 and 26... and should be thinking about college or starting a career or finding the love of their lives. But no, their days are consumed with chemotherapy or radiation, feeling sick to their stomachs and doctor appointments. They have perhaps mentally planned their funerals and thought about who would inherit their 'things', should they not come out on top of this battle.

Please follow this LINK to read a bit more about two of these amazing women. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers... they shouldn't have to be going through this at their age. Let's all pray that these days will pass quickly, that their treatments will go well, that they will gain physical and emotional strength and those that love them will rally around them to hold them up when they feel like falling.

Also please remember to VOTE here for The Oldham Project in a local radio contest. It only takes a moment and you don't have to sign up for anything. We would love to win this funding for this project. You can vote numerous times, from different IP addresses and on different days, so please continue to vote! We certainly appreciate your support of this program and interest in these amazing Bold and Beautiful women!

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