"The deck is stacked..."   |   Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Do you EVER feel like you've been dealt more than your share of crap in life? Like the deck is sometimes stacked against you and no matter what, you'll never overcome? I can't imagine being the 'underdog' more than our beauty of the day.... Harriett J....
Just imagine... spending 18 months of your adult life in a wheelchair, because you almost lost your feet? Or how about, being abused as a child? Or how about the pressure of all that leading to drowning your sorrows in a bottle? And let's talk about being diagnosed with a debilitating chronic illness? And then add to that, CANCER. How much can one human deal with??

BUT, Harriett HAS overcome... despite all odds. She is a warrior, strong and brave. A mother of 3 grown children, she remains strong and a living example of perseverance through multiple trials. Cancer has given her a new determination, when most would crumble under the weight of it all. BUT, she also says, "You have to let people know where you're at inside- people won't know unless you tell them... and then, you have to learn to accept the help offered." Which is difficult for such a strong, independent person like Harriett. "Get your family involved in the decision making process." I'm sure it helps being surrounded by a supportive and loving family. Reach out to those who love you the most to hold you up, encourage you and want to help. When we don't allow those around us to help, we rob them of the opportunity to show us how much they love us. We steal from them the chance to demonstrate their affection for us... "let people help when they want to."

When cancer threatened her self image, she fought back and bought something that made her feel sexy. She started riding a motorcycle and was given this amazing leather jacket. She has rallied and is now going to speak about overcoming to her AA group. When such stress could have driven her back to a bottle, she's overcoming all the odds! "With cancer, there is a whole lot of negative.... you have to stay positive!" Regardless of the cards in your hand.

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