Does GUILT ever haunt you?   |   Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Have you ever felt guilty about feeling well and being healthy? Until this project, I certainly hadn't. Sometimes I feel guilty about having such a good life, but not guilty because of my health... that I wasn't as sick as someone else. We tend to take our health for granted, until something happens and we're sick all of a sudden... then we just want to feel good again.

Annette A. sometimes feels guilty about having cancer and still feeling so good. She's positive, upbeat and appears to be perfectly healthy, just bald and undergoing chemotherapy. "I feel guilty. I'm feeling good, my counts are good... so many women have it so much worse than I do." A STRONG advocate of breast self-examinations, Annette even sports a shirt given to her by a family member, "Don't slack, check your rack." Finding her own 'lump', Annette says, "I can't be angry at the world, I've got to take control." Her two sons, as well as family and friends are her inspiration and keep her moving forward. She's still working through this and I'm sure inspires those she comes in contact with. She also says she's come to appreciate the simple things in life and she "doesn't take anything for granted" anymore. Just knowing a little bit about her, I KNOW that she will move through this cancer journey as though it were just a 'lump' in the road, not letting it slow her down, but learning from the experience and improving her life because of it.

Can you change your life before an illness strikes you? I'm certainly learning from these women....every day. Ladies, let's be PROACTIVE and check those racks! We can't rely on just mammograms. Get familiar with the 'girls' and question anything suspicious!

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