Finding your spiritual self...   |   Thursday, September 23, 2010

We all have a spirit... I don't care what your 'religion' or faith, we have a spirit within us that guides, comforts and directs us. Clare R., says that her cancer journey has been a 'spiritual one' . Being proactive and finding her own breast lump, which proved to be an aggressive breast cancer, Clare says she that the overall treatments for cancer in the US. needs improvement. She's a 20 year resident, originally from South Africa, now firmly entrenched in Michigan and American customs... recently going through the senior picture process with her high school daughter. Thinking about her daughter and breast cancer, she's concerned about early detection and the debate about mammograms in younger women..."things need to be changed."

Her cancer journey has brought her to a new knowledge of herself, "finding that being inside you and feeling joyful, no matter what." She says she is working on finding a BALANCE and discovering many life lessons while on this journey. "Self care" is important, learning to love and care for oneself and acknowledging yourself and your needs. Of course having family and friends there to support you is important too... but she reiterates, "it's been a spiritual journey of self discovery. I see myself as lucky." "I'm rethinking my life and priorities." Discovering the book "LIFE OVER CANCER" Dr. K. Block, really helped her discover many other complementary therapies with chemotherapy and radiation. Reflexology and acupuncture are a few therapies that helped reduce the many side effects of treatments.

What do you have inside you that you've never discovered? Will it take a cancer diagnosis to break down the walls of self-discovery? Will it take staring your mortality in the face to acknowledge yourself and your needs? For women, it's particularly difficult to take time for ourselves and to tell someone we NEED something or that we need help... today, take a moment to look deep inside. WHO may be lurking just under the surface that we show everyone else? Most likely, someone you haven't seen in a while.

Also, if you haven't VOTED for The Oldham Project in a local 'contest' for some funding for our Be Bold, Feel Beautiful, please click HERE to vote and then make sure to ask all your friends and family to vote as well. This money could help us expand this program and run it for a longer time frame! Thank you from all the amazing women we've served so far!

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