I love parties!!   |   Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The most amazing article appeared this past weekend in the Lansing State Journal and here is the link to read the online version. Read more about some of these fabulous women! Just since this article came out on Sunday morning, we've had a dozen calls and have scheduled 8 more women! More women wanting to help each other by participating in this program. All stepping out, taking off their wigs and being Bold! A 73 year old is even coming!!

We've begun the process of planning this upcoming event to honor these very Bold, Brave and Beautiful women! Lots of ideas swirling around to make this a very special event! One of our 'planners' has a VERY BOLD idea of inviting a nationally known woman, a cancer fighter, to join us as our keynote speaker.... we're deciding if it's even feasible financially. She's another incredible woman, in the middle of a cancer battle and I'm sure would be very inspiring to our audience. BUT, the issue is money. As much as I hate to do this, we aren't having much luck with grants or securing large corporate sponsors, so I'm relying on our faithful readers to help make this event happen. And not only happen, but be the biggest thing that's hit the greater Lansing area in a long time! These women deserve the very best and we not only want to honor them for their bravery during this project, BUT, to bring this project back next summer and fall and make it even bigger and better.

Look at what we've been able to accomplish with NO marketing. 5" x 8" postcards floating around the community at a few cancer centers and word of mouth. THINK about the numbers we could reach with a bit of money to invest in marketing! Think of the amount of women we could help to feel so good about themselves, while their in the battle of their lives!

I've made this so easy for our readers and visitors to this site... there is a small donate button, just to your left. Paypal makes it so easy to donate using either your checking account or credit card. If everyone of our almost 10,000 visitors donated just $10 or $20, we could make a huge difference. Please don't think that if you can't donate a large sum, that it won't make a difference. Lots of small donations can make a big difference!
100% of our money goes to this program. We have NO administrative costs, except our rent/utlilties and postage to mail these packets with CD's to our women. I draw NO salary. Our Board is totally volunteer. I am a volunteer. So please, consider giving something to help make this upcoming event so special, for these incredible Bold and Beautiful women. What would this project be worth to you.... should you be the next person given one of these cancer diagnoses?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Together, we can make a difference. We are empowering women, making them feel beautiful and confident, during the fight of their lives.

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