Into our final weeks! We need your help!   |   Monday, September 13, 2010

As we head into our final two weeks of the project, I have bittersweet feelings.... We've met and been emotionally touched by these amazing women and hopefully have made an incredible difference in their lives, as they traverse this journey of cancer. I've heard such positive comments and we've gotten such good publicity, I hope to finish these last weeks with more women than ever! I know that you are sharing this project with lots of people. I'm praying that the word will spread and we'll continue to get calls daily.

This past weekend, another wonderful article appeared in the Lansing State Journal LIFE section! Our beauty of the day today, Patty S. was featured, along with 5 other women, previously photographed for this project. Tricia Bobeda did an amazing job with the article and the photos speak for themselves. These women have been affected positively by this project and it's evident in their stories.

Patty S. was diagnosed May 14th, after battling a persistent cough for weeks. Not the diagnosis she expected... she started treatment within days and has undergone surgery, chemo and currently radiation. With small children, 5, 6 and 8, and one of them with special needs, she doesn't have much time to think about having cancer. She says, "If I didn't have kids, I wouldn't have gotten out of the bed. They keep me moving... I don't have much choice, I have to take care of them."
Her attitude is positive, as we find most of these women. Her prognosis is good and as she moves through this journey, she relies on a childhood friend for her support, her "chemo-buddy, Kristen."
As we looked at photos during her session, she laughs.... "It's still funny to see myself bald." She was a really good sport through her session... there were photographers there from the State News and the Lansing State Journal, photographing me, photograph her. So many cameras!! Lots of laughs as the "paparazzi" flashed and moved around us, making the situation both funny and a bit uncomfortable for both of us! Thank you Patty for your sense of humor!!

Let's keep our eyes open for those that might benefit from this project. We also are beginning to plan for the Gala that will take place to honor these bold and brave women. Currently, we're looking for local businesses, health centers, and retailers that are willing to host a large, poster sized print of some of these women during the month of October. We hope to complete a map of all the locations that these prints will be, so that those desiring, can follow the map and see them all... so if you know someone who might be willing, please have them contact me directly, using the contact information below.

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