Protecting his mother...   |   Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Every now and again, you might run across a young man who just makes an impact on your life. In our current social situation, man young men have drooping pants, have earbuds inserted in their ears, listening to some unintelligible music, are texting on their phones, don't look you in the eye and certainly wouldn't be caught dead, showing affection for their mothers. I don't want to make generalizations, and I know that MANY don't fit that stereotype, BUT, the young man I met was a bit out of the ordinary or at least how I'd like to see my son treat me, should I ever find myself in this position.
Nick is VERY protective of his mother. He obviously loves her very much and it's also obvious that he would do anything to protect her from this ravaging disease that is threatening to take his mother away from him. He literally says, "I'll kick anyone's a** who looks at her funny or makes fun of her."
As he holds her during their photo session, Kathleen cries.... she says nothing, and doesn't have to. It's obvious what goes through her mind. They both look tired, tired of working to keep their farm going, tired of Dr. visits, tired of cancer, just tired of fighting what appears to be a steep uphill battle. Originally diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in 2007, she now is fighting a recurrence, with the disease now invading her bones... and it's obvious, it's painful and makes life very uncomfortable. But, she's fighting and when she fatigues, her young knight in shining armor has his sword drawn and is ready to do battle for her! Such is the love of a son for his mother.

Kathy's words of wisdom for us... "Make sure you get your annual exams and do those monthly self exams. I thought it couldn't happen to me. But here I am."

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Anonymous donnatrejo said...

My prayers are with you. What a beautiful and touching story. Last september I had a complete hysterectomy to remove uterine cancer. So here's to you fighting and recovering. God bless you and your knight in shining armour. My 9 year old is my knight to.

October 9, 2010 at 11:22 AM  

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