Battling Twice....   |   Friday, October 29, 2010

Most people would agree that young people shouldn't have to deal with cancer... agreed? Not only is Jessica A. fighting Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but she's also fought a devastating kidney disease for the past 3 years. Related? Not sure, but the fight is.
Diagnosed with an unusual nephrotic syndrome 3 years ago, it left her upended and ill, BUT, making her much more aware of her body and potential problems. So, when she found an unusual lump in her neck this past summer, she immediately took action and was diagnosed with the Lymphoma. She says, "Cancer hasn't upended my life, but kidney disease has." Can you only imagine what she must go through with the kidney issues, that she basically says the cancer is easier? Her WHOLE life must revolve around what she eats, what she drinks, weight gain or loss, numerous medications and constant lab tests to make sure her kidney's are functioning as well as possible. That compared to a weekly chemo treatment, must seem easier to her.... but how unfair that a 29 year old should be so consumed with illness?
BUT, the silver lining here is that she's an amazingly strong and independent young woman with a career and goals. "You must rely on yourself and be your own advocate. Educate yourself. Doctors don't know EVERYTHING, so you have to find the right one for you." She speaks very highly of her oncologist and nephrologist. She's surrounded by a loving family and she's got a great prognosis.... I suspect that she'll beat this.... she's strong, educated and able.... and she hasn't let both of these diseases get her down. Her smile lights the room!

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