Enough is enough...   |   Monday, October 4, 2010

Sometimes we just go through so much, either physically, emotionally or mentally... we're just under it for so long and then we just get fed up and say, "Enough is enough. I QUIT." I've been there, I'm sure you have too... but probably not under the same circumstances that 73 year old LaVone has...
Diagnosed in the fall of 2009 with Stage 3-4 Colon cancer, LaVone endured chemotherapy for one round of treatment, but the side effects were so devastating for her, that she chose to discontinue treatment all together. She says, "Chemo was really hard for me, so the day's in-between had to be productive. I just kept thinking that tomorrow would be better." I'm sure making that decision was the most difficult decision she ever had to make. Coming from a huge family of 11 children, she always had family around and was probably never alone. But now, she finds herself pretty alone, with few friends and no family close by for support. I sense a 'lost' feeling as she looks far off.... missing her daughter and grandchildren who live far away.
As she cuddles the custom made stuffed bear her grandchildren made for her, she gets teary as she talks about them and wishing she could see them more. I'm almost sure that as she approaches the final season of her life, she wishes she could fill her life with the laughter and chaos that 11 children must have filled her home growing up. She has a sweet smile and also says that "laughter helps... I try to find reasons to laugh."
Are you missing someone today? Is there someone missing you? Make the effort to reach out across the miles, whether big or small, and make someone smile today. Fill someones day with laughter. Show someone that you love them... whether we have cancer or not, we have no guarantees that we'll get a tomorrow.

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