Finding herself....   |   Monday, October 11, 2010

Occasionally we go through trials and we learn something... some THING or something about ourselves. Roberta is a victims advocate by profession, but has become another sort of 'victim's advocate' since discovering a lump in her breast. Saying finding the lump and discovering it was cancerous, was the 'biggest surprise.' She's usually standing up and defending others and now she needed to become the advocate for herself. She said she's had 'remarkable support' from those around her, including a co-worker who also shaved her head when Roberta's hair fell out. She wants to now spend her time reaching out to other women who are undergoing treatment for various cancers. Married a short 10 years to her loving husband Randy, she says, "I take nothing for granted, not my husband, my home....nothing."
I think she's learned a lot about herself and her cancer. Stay informed. Stay in touch, literally, with your body. As we enter October, Breast Cancer Awareness month, remain an advocate for yourself. Be aware of changes in your body. As I saw a poster this week for this months campaign, it said, "COP A FEEL, Know your girls!"

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