Sidetracked for just a season...   |   Wednesday, October 20, 2010

In the late summer and early fall, most people this age are preparing to attend the college of their choice, designing and packing for a dorm room and dreaming about starting a life away from the security of home and thinking about a future career. BUT, that wasn't the plan for Kristina D. She was unintentionally sidetracked from that plan by cancer. This shouldn't be happening to people who are only 20 years old!!

She was on her way to Northern Michigan University to study nursing... she should be the care giver, not the recipient of medical care....

But, with her infectious smile and joyous spirit, she optimistically looks at her "delayed" attendance and hopefully starting in January, after completing her treatment for dysgermanoma.... a reproductive organ cancer, much like the testicular cancer that Lance Armstrong was sidelined with.... only this is the female version. VERY treatable with an excellent prognosis. Being the third generation in her family to fight cancer, her mother and grandmother have rallied to her side to support and encourage her through this battle. She says, "my family and friends have been so supportive." She relies much more on her faith, now and for her future, as a parent... with more obstacles to come due to this cancer... but something tells me, she'll keep smiling through that too.

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