Why NOT me?   |   Thursday, October 21, 2010

At 81, Mary B. is our oldest participant in Be Bold, Feel Beautiful and is quick to add, "Age is NOT a number, it's a state of mind!"

When Mary had her son Davey, 47 years ago and who is profoundly handicapped, she could have had a pity party, gotten bitter or harbored anger.... but she said she had a "very accepting attitude" and her mantra was, "Why NOT me? What's so special about me?" Most would be asking, Why me? What did I do to deserve this? But not Mary. She readily admits that as a child and a young person, she wasn't patient, in fact described herself as "VERY impatient"..... and she's convinced that Davey was sent into her life to teach her patience.
Life immediately changed and required continual patience, at every turn. She's learned to choose her battles.

This attitude, refined over many years of caring for Davey and all the challenges that accompany him, has now carried her through two bouts of Breast Cancer. First diagnosed in 1991, had surgery, she fought, and had been cancer free till last fall, when it reared it ugly head again. Again, Mary uses her positive attitude and the wisdom that only comes with being 81 years old.....
Using only surgical intervention this time, Mary is choosing not to try chemo and enjoy the time she has left. "I take one day at a time and don't go down paths that I don't have to... I will cross a bridge when I come to it, and not before. Worry accomplishes nothing. If you accept something in the right spirit, you won't get bitter. You just handle things as they come along."

Mary is the picture of grace, elegance and refinement. She's gentle, soft spoken and exudes such peace. Obviously, a result of her attitude about life.... and now death.

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