"Hunker down and do it...."   |   Monday, November 1, 2010

Kathleen C. has been fighting for her life since 2002. Battling an unseen foe called Multiple Myeloma. A dancer, she suffered with pain in her spine for over 2 years before being diagnosed with this type of cancer. Dancing, with cancer trying to disassemble her spine.... I can't imagine the pain she must have lived with on a daily basis. But her own words tell me she did what she had to do. "You just hunker down and do it or die. I couldn't dwell on it, I needed to be a Mom.... a single Mom." She endured 2 stem cell transplants in 2005 and is still fighting this cancer. Has the fortitude and physical determination of a dancer given her the strength to continue this battle with such grace?
She says, "I've become much less critical and have much more patience than I ever had before." One would need that with 3 teenage boys! "I enjoy my solitude and alone time, but love to spend time with friends who are important to me. When they say 'cherish each moment', it's true.... I've learned how to say 'No' more."

How are we handling our daily stresses and confrontations? With grace and patience? Or, drama, anger and resentment? Most of us will never fight a fight like this.... lessons are here to be learned....
Shall we adopt grace and patience today?

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