We ARE stronger than we think....   |   Monday, November 8, 2010

Strength comes in different ways...physical strength, emotional strength.... and even spiritual strength. We measure strength in different ways, by pounds lifted, miles run, emotions controlled or battles fought and won. Donna E. has fought these battles and feels she is winning...on all fronts.
Again, as many of these women, she found her own lump, just one year past her last mammogram... being a faithful 'self-examiner', she was fully aware there was a change and actively pursued treatment. Diagnosed with Stage 2B, breast cancer, she was eager to do something....even though the 'system' didn't seem to move quickly enough. "I just wanted to do SOMETHING. I wanted to quickly move things along." She found her strength in her husband and daughter, who fought alongside her. "They have borne the brunt of the pain and suffering. I'm stronger than I thought I was.... no matter what comes along, you have to be stronger than IT. I just tried to keep a positive attitude, even though somedays, I didn't think I'd live through the treatment."

We ARE stronger than we think. We need to muster that strength each and every day as we walk through battles, big and small.
The strength is there, if we just take the time to find it.

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