Great Sorrow...   |   Friday, February 11, 2011

With great sorrow and sadness, I bring news of another loss for our community. A fourth of our Be Bold, Feel Beautiful women has entered heaven after fighting an amazing and long battle with cancer.
Kathleen Campbell, age 54, died Wednesday morning after battling cancer since 2002. First diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, she continued her passion for dance and dealt with much pain.. but danced anyway. More recently diagnosed with uterine cancer, she was hospitalized late in January and died 11 days later.
Born December 20, 1956 and died February 9, 2011, she leaves behind 3 sons that she's raised as a single parent for most of her adult life. She underwent a lengthy treatment on January 13th, in order to gain the strength she needed to attend our Oldham Gala... which she attended with her mother. She had a wonderful time and enjoyed the other Bold and Beautiful women she was seated with! I personally am thankful that she participated in our program and was able to enjoy the time of "celebrity". I know that her family will be able to enjoy these beautiful images of her for generations to come.
May you now rest in peace Kathleen... You are finally done fighting. Your courage inspires those of us still fighting.

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Anonymous Donna Grobbel said...

I am Kathy Campbell's sister and want to thank you for these beautiful photographs of her. When Kathy explained how the Oldham Project came about, my heart broke for you and all the amazing women that walk into your studio for a chance to pose for a professional photo in order to realize they are beautiful inside and out. My husband, Gregg, said that when he looks at Kathy's photograph, he feels she is speaking to him. We both see the slight twinkle in her eye which we feel can be perceived as a little mischevious or just plain happy and sexy. I think it's a bit of all three.

With Kathy's loss this week, I only wish I had talked more with her about death. I think this photo session was the first sign, and I missed it. However, my husband reminded me that it isn't about what you didn't do or say, but rather it is about what you did do and say. He's right (aren't they always . . . ha ha).

We are so grateful to have these photographs of Kathy and plan to reproduce copies for all family members. Looking at her so full of life has been comforting to all of us through these difficult days.

Kathy was the most courageous person I knew. She shared stories about the other courageous women she met at the gala, and you should know that your courage gave her even more will. She had spunk. We will miss her spirit and love.

Her oldest son said it best when he told his two brothers at the hospital before Kathy died that these last nine years with their mother was a gift. We all agree.

February 11, 2011 at 9:40 PM  

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