"Keep encouraging yourself...."   |   Friday, February 18, 2011

Belinda feels spoiled and isn't even close to having a pity party! Finding her own breast lump and seeking treatment immediately, she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer in July 2010. Her positive attitude is very contagious and everyone around her feels it too. I saw such a 'peace' in her face as we working together to create these beautiful images! She attributes it to Christ and His family, who have rallied around her to spoil her with cards, flowers and phone calls, filled with love and encouragement. Although, I suspect, it's she who is doing the encouraging.
Working with special needs children in schools, she knows about struggles and perserverance. But, she emphatically states, "You may get discouraging reports, but if your attitude is positive, it will make all the difference." She also says, "I was scared of chemo and how it would feel, but Christ is bigger than any opposition."
She finds strentgh in daily Bible reading, her family and prayers. "Keep encouraging yourself", if necessary. When she found she was loosing her confidence due to physical changes from the chemo, she started reminding herself, that even if she didn't feel beautiful, others around her did. Yes, Belinda, you are beautiful and strong and I'm confident that this trial is just a bump in the road for you!

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