Kourageous Kids starts early...   |   Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Although, we don't "officially" launch our Kourageous Kids program till April 1st, we're being called by parents all over the greater Lansing area, desiring to have their sick children photographed. What would make a parent want such a portrait of their sick baby? Why would they want to do this and particiapate? I'm sure you're asking yourself. Maybe they can't even articulate what it is themselves, but the calls are coming, nonetheless.
I'd like to introduce you to Josiah... a bright, fun loving 8 1/2 year old (make sure you don't miss the 1/2!), diagnosed with Leukemia on December 29th, 2009. Sick for most of the fall, his parents suspect that the Leukemia was there for much longer than diagnosed. Sometimes hindsight can be more than 20/20. A parent knows when something isn't right, and his parents were right... Josiah spent 97 days of 2010 hospitalized and undergoing treatment for his cancer. He's a fiesty little guy with quite an attitude, but the wisdom of a much older man comes through his eyes in his portraits. He's been forced to accept and deal with more than some men approaching the end of their lives.
In our attempt to portray these children with the important things in their lives, Josiah chose to bring his new skateboard. He aspires to be a big-time skateboarder and we had a fun time with the name on the board. Given to him by his uncle, I teased him about his uncle's name being, Daryl.. and was able to elicit some very fun expressions with the name Daryl.
Josiah continues to battle for his life, currently fighting an infection and illness due to the compromised state of his little body.
Please keep him in your prayers.

These children and their parents deserve a break from treatments and tests.... these sessions are intended to create an atmosphere of fun, laughter and joy for the child. A fantasy. Whether their dream is to be a skateboarder, a fireman or a princess, we will strive to make it a joyous time, that will also document this time in this families life, that will live in a portrait for generations to come and all free of charge. Please remember to keep us in mind, should you find someone cross your path with a sick child, spouse or other family member. We continue to photograph women undergoing treatment for cancer as well, providing for them an opportunity to feel beautiful and special, despite what the mirror might say.



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