"Go with your gut..."   |   Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have you ever had one of those feelings... that you just knew was something to act on? The kind that make the small hairs on your neck stand up and prickle? I remember as a small child, playing at the neighbors house and my Mom came flying down the street, screaming, "Where is your little brother?".... at that moment, she found him about to be hung by the neck, as two other children were playing cowboys, and hanging the bad guy. My mother acted on one of those gut feelings, and thankfully so. My brother is now 51 years old.
Amy acted on one of those gut feelings too. She just knew something wasn't right. She'd found a small lump and knew. Even though the mammogram and ultrasound weren't totally definitive, her gut told her differently. She was persistent and sure enough, a small, Stage 1, estrogen +, non- aggressive cancer was found. She stuck with that gut feeling and made things happen. She was diagnosed on a Tuesday and had surgery on Friday of the same week!
Though she says, " You have to surrender to the process.... you do what you have to do, to get through it." She's a STRONG woman, who knew her body and acted on instinct. "I was terrified, but you have to trust your gut."
Her 8 year old son Willie, is her rock. He's at her side much of the time and he's quite a little 'man'.
She encourages all women to 'know your body' and be sensitive to that instinct that's built inside us as women. Sometimes we know more than can be seen with the eye.

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