These kids need your help!   |   Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Oldham Project is launching our specialty program for children undergoing treatment for cancer or other life threatening illnesses, called Kourageous Kids! We are putting together goodie bags to give each child that comes into the studio to be photographed. We've had marvelous, re-usable shopping bags donated and printed by our friends at Slick Shirts. We're having Kourageous Kids t-shirts made for each child and want to fill these bags with all sorts of "kid" related items.
We would like you to consider organizing a 'drive' at your workplace. This wouldn't take a lot of work, but would bring great benefit to these sick children. We have already received tons of coloring books and crayons to insert in each bag, but we'd like lots of the following items. Perhaps you might organize departments at your workplace to compete to see who could bring the most items! Make it fun and creative, while helping us to give more to these children and make their day a bit brighter!
UNO card games
Skip-Bo card games
Plain decks of cards
Bottles of bubbles
Hand held games
Smaller board/card games
Gift certificates for free ice cream cones/candy/ etc.

We would need at least 75 of each item. Please consider how you might partner with us to make this happen in the next couple weeks. We'll be happy to come and pick them up and provide brochures and posters for you to use to advertise your 'drive.' Please call me if you have questions, to "claim" your drive item or to let me know of an alternate item(s) you've thought of! We'd like to collect all items by June 15th. We know it's difficult in these tough economic times for businesses to donate a lot of money, but this is a way to mobilize all the people in your business to 'donate' just a little, that can make such a big impact!
Your generosity will make a child's day. Most of these kids are part of a family who is struggling with daunting medical bills and is unable to provide even the simplest entertainment for these children. Help us brighten their day!
I look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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