The Oldham Project has an IMMEDIATE need!   |   Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Oldham Project has an important and IMMEDIATE need for a new studio space. We need an empty retail/commercial/home space, with some minimum requirements: 20-25ft x 15-20ft camera room, handicap access, 24/7 access and a bathroom and cost minimum or free. If you see or hear of anything please contact us immediately! Lets' think outside the box. We would like a rental commitment of at least the end of this year. We would like to be in an area centrally located in the Greater Lansing/EL Area.
We will have to postpone our programming if we can't find something fairly quickly and we don't want to have to turn families away! Please think outside the box and keep your eyes and ears open for a space. Don't discount anything. We're wiling to consider anything.

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