Oldham makes the CNN news!   |   Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's been a whirlwind 24 hours for The Oldham Project! We've received national attention from CNN.com and have been inundated with email, offering help, money and requesting our services in cities all over the United States. I'm humbled and overwhelmed. I don't have words, but thanks to our Board of Directors, who give of their time and talents, for nothing in return. I couldn't do what I do behind the camera, without their help on all the other issues and duties involved in running an organization like this.
I'm so thankful to: John Madden (Chairman of the Board), Alan Hooper (Vice-Chair), Rebecca Eldridge (Secretary), Heather Chunko (Treasurer) as well as our other members, Rochelle Rizzi, Jessica Cosens, Janet Martinich, Anne Subrizi, Amy Kraus, Mary Roszel, Eric Sturdy, Traci Reihl and Betsy Svanda.
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The link to the CNN article is located HERE. Please take a moment and read more. We have many needs, most of which include financial support for our programming and a permanent studio location. If you are willing to donate any amount, 100% goes back to support this organization. AND if you or you know of someone who might be able to help us secure a more permanent studio location, we'd love to talk more!
Thank you again to our dedicated Board and for the support from our community here in Lansing, MI!

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