She fought a valiant fight....   |   Sunday, March 25, 2012

We first learned about Trina Knox last fall, when she participated in being photographed for The Oldham Project's, "Be Bold, Feel Beautiful" program. A gorgeous, courageous and confident woman, she was full of life, faith and a life filled with devoted family and friends. Here is an excerpt from her initial posting on this blog...
We often see children playing either video games or in a pretend situation, imagining dragons and being often being victorious over the giant, fictitious creatures...
Trina's dragon ISN'T fictitious... It's a real demon, living inside her, that she battles every day. The "Purple Dragon" she's named her cancer... a rare thing, as are dragons.... Leiomyosacroma, a soft tissue sarcoma.
Originally diagnosed in August of 2010, she underwent surgery to remove her uterus and underwent 6 long months of chemotherapy, thinking all of this would be behind her. BUT, no, the dragon reared it's ugly head and again in July of 2011, not even a year later another tumor was discovered in and around her bladder. Doctors tried to remove it all, but in the end, were forced to leave two tumors behind, tucked in her intestines. Again, she's undergoing chemo, and I'm sure wondering all the time, when and where will the next tumor appear?
She's literally and figuratively slaying this dragon with surgery, chemo and positive thoughts!

This past Sunday, a sunny day in March, Trina lost the battle against the 'dragon' and departed this world for her eternal home. Going into the hospital Wednesday for a blood transfusion and not leaving. She fought and remained positive until the very end. She was a big cheerleader for The Oldham Project and a face seen on ABC News!
We will miss her and her 'give it all' attitude, but her spirit will live on in all of those that she touched! God's speed Trina....

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Blogger ByNanasHands said...

Seeing posts like this just breaks my heart....may she rest in the arms of our Father forever....prayers go out to her family, friends and everyone whose lives she touched in so many ways.

March 25, 2012 at 3:04 PM  

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