The Fingerprints of God....   |   Tuesday, May 8, 2012

13 year old Montana is a remarkable young women, full of faith. This is her story. Montana discovered a lump in her left thigh the day after a double-header softball game. Thinking it was just a pulled muscle, not much was thought about it, until an x-ray confirmed bone cancer. Her parents were called back to the Dr's office without Montana to discuss the findings and options. The tumor, approximately the size of a volleyball, was consuming her left femur. After further testing, it was discovered that she had 10 tumors in her lungs as well. As she and her parents thought about the options, Montana said, "I looked at what I wanted my life to look like", in making decisions about treatment. Initially starting chemo quickly to stop the tumors growth, she underwent 8 rounds of chemo, before considering any surgical intervention. "I wanna play sports" was her first thought when presented with the surgical options of amputation or limb salvage. Can you imagine a 13 year old being given the option of losing her leg or losing most of her mobility and potential activity with the other option? Her left leg was removed on October 25, 2011, almost at the hip joint and she got her prosthesis 6 weeks later. "I want to try out for the track team. I want to play lots of sports to show people that I may only have one leg, but I'm not disabled. Just because I have a metal won't limit me." The oldest of 6 children, Montana is showing her parents and siblings what determination and faith look like. "I want to participate in the Paralympics someday!"
A young, but faithful follower of Christ, she exhibits great faith in God. "I do rely more on God, it's not just a saying for me." When I asked about how she felt about all this... She related something that her physical therapist told her recently..."She said I should get rid of this crutch because I don't need it anymore! The more confident I am, the less awkward other people will be around me." She has faced the loss of self, the loss of a limb and great fear, but has come out stronger and more confident on the other side. "Hair isn't everything, nor are two legs." I asked her about fear and loss..."I cry for my leg. I cry for the loss of the hair I had, but I don't dwell there." Click HERE is a short video about Montana! We can all learn from this young woman's journey of loss and great faith. She is a remarkable example of a young woman beyond her years in wisdom and confidence.

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