One of our angels has been honored....   |   Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our precious angel Adalin Farnum has been honored this week in the Detroit area in a "random act of kindness." The Arts and Technology Center school in Pontiac collected money and helped to build a small, landscape garden, dedicated to Adalin James Farnum (October 1, 2002- October 14, 2011), one of our Oldham Kids photographed in 2011. One of Adalin's last requests was that her family and friends who loved her and wanted to continue to honor her, would perform 'random acts of kindness' until she directed them otherwise. TV 20 was there to record the event which aired on television last week. Her mom, Tammy and siblings, Kate and Jack also attended the event to honor Adie. These school children, who didn't even know Adaline, have become part of her legacy through this garden. They will be reminded each time the see the plaque bearing her name, to again, think of someone or something in need and perform that random act of kindness. Adie would challenge everyone who reads this blog post to do the same thing... take a moment to look around you and find someone to help, someone to bless, someone to share Adie's legacy with. I'm sure you won't have to look far. Adie will open your eyes!

* Event photos and video courtesy of Zak Walsh, Tanner Friedman

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