Just a big kid....with cancer.   |   Thursday, June 7, 2012

After having her appendix removed, Katlynn developed some unusual, swollen glands... thinking it all part of the recent surgery, they initially thought nothing of it. But, as time went on, it became more apparent that something was wrong. Katlynn, age 20 was then diagnosed at Sparrow Hematology/Oncology Clinic, with Acute Lymphocytic and Acute Myeloid Leukemia and immediately started on aggressive chemotherapy.

"I was really scared... I wondered if I would die."

"My friends asked stupid questions, like, 'Is cancer contagious?' I was flabbergasted and said, It's cancer, not a cold!"

"I really found out how brave I am.. I actually gave a speech at my high school about having cancer!"
Katlynn also readily admits that she's not a very compliant patient.... her words for other 'kids' her age and younger... "Please take your medicine, even if you don't want to." She tells me that the biggest reason teens don't respond to cancer treatment and die is that they don't take their meds as instructed and are non-compliant with treatment regimes. Diagnosed just over a year ago, she's now finished with initial treatment and has entered into "maintenance" treatment. Hopefully, she'll see the last of hospitals for a while!!

What will it take for you to find out how brave you are? Do you have some treatment, medication or routine that maybe you could be more aware of, compliant with or dedicated to? It made me think....



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