Sometimes you just look normal....   |   Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Everyone loves to see kids at play, laughing, running and jumping....but sometimes that just can't happen. Especially those with blood disorders... 6 year old Layla wants to be a phlebotomist someday, when she grows up, "to make peoples blood better."

After noticing some unusual bruising, parents, Jason and Jennifer took their daughter to the doctor to investigate. With several trips to Detroit Children's Hospital, CS Mott and Mayo Clinic, in 2011, she was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia, which  is a rare disorder caused by profound, almost complete bone marrow failure. With no known immediate cause, she was immediately hospitalized to receive platelets, as she was at a very high risk for hemmorhage. Being poked and prodded with needles for constant blood draws, Layla told her Mom, "I promise I'm OK Mom, I just want to go home!" 

A year later, she appears to be a fairly normal child, still is being monitored for abnormal blood counts, still struggling with low platelet counts. I'm sure she'd love to run and play and ride a bike, but with hemorrhage a consequence, she doens't get to do too much of that....

What physical activity in your life do you take for granted? I'm sure Layla would change places with you.

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