Cancer offers a cure for another problem....   |   Friday, August 17, 2012

Believe it or not, Marlene J. believes getting cancer has cured her long history of depression... How can that be? Cancer being better than depression? Cancer being less of an imposition than depression? Cancer being easier to deal with than being depressed?

She says an emphatic, "Yes."

Diagnosed in January of 2012, after a routine mammogram, with Stage 1, HER2 breast cancer, Marlene was thinking she was just checking off tasks before the usual departure for their 'winter escape' to warmer climes, but she was in for a surprise. Facing only a short time of chemo and radiation, she says the entire experience has changed her outlook on life and how she spends her time and mental energy. Saying, "I've suffered from depression since 1988, when she was 'down-sized' out of her professional career." She said it really took it's toll on her, physically and mentally. Losing over 40 lbs., she now believes that she's a different person because of cancer.

Ever thankful for her special nurses at the Sparrow Cancer Center, she personally is grateful for their support and encouragement. Thanks to Sharon Cosgrove and Joann Anderson, special nurses she attributes her change in attitude to.

Go figure, cancer curing a much more devastating disease to some? You betcha. It's all about attitude and how you look at it.

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