Exciting News for Oldham   |   Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We've had a banner week this week at Oldham! First, we had a small article appearing within the 'fall' issue of Midwest Living magazine!

The Oldham Project excitedly announces a new 'partnership' of sorts with McLaren Health Systems! McLaren has graciously offered Oldham an office suite at their South Pennsylvania campus! We hope to be moving in sometime around the beginning of September! We are in need of some financial partners to help us get our first official office, up and running. If you believe in what we're doing or have personally been affected by what we provide for the community and would love to see Oldham move into this next stage of growth, perhaps you'll consider joining us financially to help make this a reality. If you have the resources, or know a business or a vendor who might be willing to finance any of the following, please let us know. We'd love to talk to you more about other needs, but these are the minimum we need to open the doors and get moving! Donations can be made online at our website: www.theoldhamproject.org  Please specify in the memo/comments line what the money is designated for.
We each have someone in our circle of friends, business owners or vendors who might be willing to come alongside of Oldham and either purchase some of these things for us or donate the money necessary for us to purchase and becoming a 'Founding Partner' in the new Oldham expansion. Please feel free to contact us or one of our Board members to discuss larger gifts.
Thank you from all the families that Oldham has served thus far!

Apple MAC laptop- 13" w/ 8G ram- $1449
Apple MAC laptop- 15" w/ 8 G ram- $1949
Color printer/scanner/copier/fax- HP- OfficeJet 8600- $169 or HP OfficeJet 8600+ $299
Wireless Keyboard- $69
Apple 27" Thunderbolt- color monitor- $950
Wacom tablet- Intuos 5- $300
Software- Microsoft Office for Mac- $150
Photoshop- $588

If you are a business owner or know a business owner who has been affected by cancer or another life-threatening illness, please have them contact us if they'd like to consider partnering with us for any or all of these needs. We sincerely thank you.

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