Her little men convinced her to do this....   |   Monday, September 24, 2012

Diagnosed with Stage 2-3 Breast Cancer in December of 2011, Vickie never knew the turns her life would take...

Finding her own lump, she sought medical attention and was quickly diagnosed, with the breast cancer, but also 2 positive nodes, requiring not only chemotherapy, but radiation. Having her sister and both parents deceased from cancer, her confidence wavered. As a single mom, this diagnosis forced her to rely on the two 'little men' in her life, sons, Noah and Peter. And what a help they are!

Having surgery to remove the cancer and her breast, just two days after her wedding, her 'new' life took some serious turns, but her husband is very supportive as well as these little guys in her life, helping her struggle through the twists and turns of cancer and it's treatment. Sitting down, having "an honest conversation" with the boys, Vickie says, "we came up with some things to involve the boys... we made a paper chain to designate the days of chemo, taking down one with each treatment" so they could visually SEE how much longer Mom would be sick.

Her older 19 year old son created a 'play list' for her iPod, songs that mean so much to her and she listened to during the difficult and lengthy chemo treatments. "Cancer puts things into perspective. I don't sweat the small stuff."

As she teared up several times during her photo session, these 'little men' who strongly encouraged her to come and have these portraits done, soothed and comforted her as the tears flowed. They certainly touched my heart. "Take the opportunities God gives you- God always has a plan."- Vickie S.

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