They've become our friends...   |   Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Colleen is in a battle again....

The most difficult part of this job is seeing 'repeat' clients.... meaning, that they've been photographed in the midst of their illness previously, had a recovery and are now in the middle of a battle with cancer, AGAIN. It's the most difficult phone call to receive as a photographer. But, a warrior she is!!

There isn't a way to describe the feeling between these two people. They just emanate love, commitment and a bond of shared courage. Scott and Colleen have come to our studio twice now, both times fighting a hidden war. As we become part of their lives, our clients become our friends. We follow each other on Facebook and care about each other's lives. This one is extremely difficult....
Ovarian cancer is a silent devil, preying on women who are totally unaware of the destruction inside their bodies. In 2012, about 22,280 women will receive a new diagnosis of ovarian cancer and about 15, 500 will die from it. Colleen was originally diagnosed in November of 2009 and has been cancer free till this spring, when it reared it ugly head again. "I knew something wasn't right... and I've lived in fear, waiting for it to come back." Colleen isn't letting this get the better of her... she's the most positive, courageous woman and she'll fight and win this again. She's got a good reason. This past year, she welcomed her first grandson, Hudson and he's the light of her world! 
She says she's learning more tolerance and to take one day at a time, staying strong. Doctors are working diligently to find the 'right combination' of chemotherapy to fight this devil... "I'm going to have to learn to trust again. I'm not sure I'll ever believe 'cured' again." But, I know Colleen and her husband and TOGETHER they will overcome, being stronger and more committed to each other on the other side of this battle. Whether it's 'cured' or not, their love will survive anything.

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