Cancer looks different for everyone...   |   Monday, October 1, 2012

Sometimes you don't see the cancer. Sometimes it looks different on someone. Sometimes it's hidden, but still just as devastating.
Kerry B., age 56, has lung, throat and larynx cancer and just days after these images were documented, she had her larynx, throat and part of her lung removed.... leaving her silent.
"I can't say I'm not scared... I'm terrified."

Originally diagnosed with throat cancer in 2011, she underwent chemo and radiation to attempt to kill off the cancer...losing her hair, strength and developing Polymyalgia due to the chemo, she continued to fight, SLOWLY regaining strength and endurance. Her little dog, Sunny, stayed by her side through the entire illness and slow recovery.

"I learned I had strength I never knew I had.... I have 4 kids I didn't want to leave and now 3 grandkids. You don't have any choice but to dig down deep and find something you didn't know you had."

As would we, she fears not having enough time to do all the things she wants to with the rest of her life.  "I try to push myself to do all those things I might not have time for."

Having her 'voice-box' removed just 5 days after this photo session, will leave her 'silent' for a time. She's hoping to have a new artificial 'voice-box' implanted after she recovers and beats this cancer... and with her determination, I don't doubt that she'll have a LOT to say after that happens! She's one tough cookie and I'm sure will make a statement with her life!

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