"I'm not afraid of dying...."   |   Tuesday, October 9, 2012

At 52, beautiful, stong and very much loved by her devoted family, Gloria T. shouldn't be thinking about the upcoming end of her life.

After a sudden, unexplained weight loss, she was originally diagnosed with gastric (stomach) cancer in the spring of 2006. Undergoing treatment at that time, she fought hard for those that she loves so much, including a brand new grandchild) and in 5 years had received a 'clean bill of health.' She is a devoted Washington Redskins fan and loves to spend time in good natured rivalries with her family.... most of whom are NOT Redskins fans!

Life was good, celebrating that 5 year mark...most cancer survivors look to that milestone, celebrating beating the odds and looking forward to enjoying a normal life 'without fear.'
But, in October of this past year, 2011, cancer came back to rear it's ugly head. Having some vague stomach pains, Gloria revisited the Dr. and was told the cancer had returned. "I was in shock.... I'd just celebrated that 5 year mark. I was really angry at God and couldn't understand why my husband wasn't mad too.... he said, 'I'm thankful that God let me have you for these 13 years and I won't be mad. I'm so thankful for you."

Told this summer that treatment wasn't helping and her time was limited was difficult for her and her family to deal with....but they are with her constantly... helping with the tubes and pain medicines that Gloria is now permenantly attached to to bring her some comfort. Moving around is difficult, but Kim and Valerie are devoted caregivers and openly share their love and affection with their mother.
"I have too much living left to do and so much I want to see yet", says Gloria. Enjoying her family, recording books for her grandchildren and living the life she has now, is how she spends her time. She relies heavily on her faith and the comfort it brings her. "I've learned that I am so loved... I don't know what I've done to deserve so much." I'm sure it has much to do with how she's given all her life, the obvious adoration she has for her daughters and grandchildren and the love of her life... her husband.

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