What would you do if your days were numbered?   |   Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This amazing woman has overcome some incredible challenges and is still smiling. It's all about attitude. Romani came to the US from Sri Lanka at age 26, quite an adjustment in culture, language and societal attitudes.... but she not only survived, but thrived. She lost a child to a Stage 4 Neruroblastoma when she was 9 years old... but she still smiles today.

 Her life was moving along just fine, without crisis until she went for a routine insurance physical....not having a clue how much her life was about to change. Doctors tell her she probably had cancer for over 2 years before it's discovery during this physical. Completely symptom free, her body was 80% filled with Stage 4 Lymphoma. How does this happen? How can the rug just be completely pulled out from beneath you? Romani, age 49 was given 3 years to enjoy 'what she had left' and told that the cancer would most likely win.

Refusing to accept that information, she forged ahead with the rigerous chemotherapy plan doctors had laid out for her and just this summer, finally finishing. "I have a 15 year old daughter to live for. I want to see her go to medical school...she wants to be a Pediatrician. I want to see her live life."

She says this diagnosis was a "real eye-opener" for her... "I started doing everything that I love, I started painting again and now I've even sold pieces and have the energy to work in a gallery."

Her strong faith carries her each day through this journey as she mentally, physically and emotionally battles the demon 'cancer' within. Knowing that this is only a temporary fix,, she lives each day to the fullest, laughing and enjoying life. She's lively and full of energy and she's taking advantage of these days.

Are you living like there's no tomorrow? Are you dancing in the rain? There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come and Romani demonstrates every day that she's living and loving TODAY!

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